Gailey outcry led to Tech to find ‘perfect fit’

Taz Anderson remembers how it was four months ago. Georgia was No. 1 in the country, and his little school had a new coach with a weird scheme. “My Georgia friends would say, ‘Do you really think that offense will work?’ Then they’d say, ‘We hope you have a nice year.’ It was condescending.”

Contrast that attitude with the one expressed by Georgia grad Saxby Chambliss, who saw Anderson at a fund-raiser Sunday night and, without mentioning an impending Senate runoff and without an iota of condescension, said: “Wasn’t that some game?”

Two days after Georgia Tech took down the mighty Bulldogs, Taz Anderson is smiling still. He’s having lunch at a restaurant across Paces Ferry from his Vinings office, and he’s trying hard to be magnanimous — “I played in the game where Theron Sapp scored and they broke their drought [against Tech], so I know how it feels,” he says — but sometimes it’s a losing effort.