Gallo Notes:05/02/08

I got lots of feedback on the interview with CEO of Entergy, Carolyn Shanks. Some of it expected and all of it appreciated. Some listeners thought I wasn’t tough enough on this big ole evil company that we are forced to do business with. Tough! I’ve gladly explained to the few folks who wanted me to attack the jugular that I didn’t because-I AGREE WITH THE PLAN!

Entergy has done everything possible in keeping the prices from escalating as high and as fast as gasoline. The corporate plan that Ms. Shanks has supported simply allows the PSC to consider a license request. Yes rate payers will see an increase if approved, but the reality is this…would you rather pay a little more now than a lot more later? I do agree that we need some idea of the total investment and ratepayers’ cost, but that’s the responsibility of the PSC to provide overview prior to final approval.

Utilities are a different animal. We have to have them to keep from freezing or heat strokes, to cook and clean and bath and etc. The competition to provide alternative sources is not beating down the door. Let’s say we only had one oil company and they wanted to do the same thing with a refinery. A similar plan would be to moderately raise gasoline prices now to avoid steep increases in the future. With the pump prices as they are, I think most folks would be delighted.

I also got several emails telling me that the Gallo Show has been the main topic on some local talk show from a host named Kim or Kimberly something. I have no idea who she is but I want to thank her for the publicity. In the old days of broadcasting, a real manager would have fired her for publicizing the top rated show on a competing station. Whoever she is…she’s got guts (or she’s just looking for a job).

Paul Gallo
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