Gallo Notes: Bizarre and Beyond

A few notes to start of the new week.

In talking to a lot of folks recently in McCoy’s determination to control the Gallo Show and JT and Dave, it’s just plain bizarre, unless you talk to a lot of people who have known the lawmaker over the years. Some people think the last stroke changed Billy McCoy both physically and emotionally. If that’s the case, when does somebody tell him it’s time to hand it up? The buzz on the streets is that McCoy is willing to “go the distance” in holding the MS Employment agency hostage to get back at Supertalk. Now in the world of free speech and power politics, that’s just plain bizarre. We’ve been in contact with several national host who find the story appealing.

Cattlegate: It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. I’m hearing rumblings that the Facilities Group headlines may not be the last. Former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove joins me on Tuesday and we’ll quiz him for an update status.
HB 520: Some members of the Conservative Coalition are still stinging from the “agreement” that was worked out. I think you’ll hear more from HB 520 even before the “Select Committee” reports their finding prior to the 2009 Session.

Special Session: Word of the Special Session may come this week. Buzz is that it is NOT going to be a surgically clean and quick Session. Look for a couple of surprises.

First District Race: Has the DNC and Travis Childers cut a deal if he wins to enact a plan that will nuke the Republican Party in Mississippi? Vulnerable changes are everywhere in the next few years from redistricting to congressional elections to voter ID, party registration, etc. Dean and the DNC are charged and ready for the future with President Obama leading the way in Washington and (maybe) Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Franks leading the way in the Magnolia State. (Of course, along the way, several things could go wrong from them.)

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