Gallo Notes:

Former Gov. and Senatorial candidate Ronnie Musgrove spent a full hour on the air with me Tuesday and continued campaigning far right of Roger Wicker. I’ve done a lot of interviews with Gov. Musgrove over the years and it’s hard not to like the man. He’s personable, a great radio guest and one hell of a politician. Gov. Musgrove’s answers to political questions are kind of like Chinese food. You devour the answer when it’s being served, but an hour later you have that empty feeling and start looking for another answer.

I did quiz Gov. Musgrove on the Facilities Group and he admitted being questioned by the authorities during the initial investigation. He said he has not heard from anyone since that time. As for jetting to Georgia and “Flying Facilities-The airline for those with construction contract contacts”, Musgrove said he didn’t know if the jet was theirs or chartered, and he had no knowledge the company allegedly charged the trip back to Mississippi as an expense.

It’s still much too early for the fireworks to begin in this race. We’ve got to clear the dust from the 1st Congressional race, and then by early summer the political commercials should begin to blossom on a TV or radio station near you. When that happens, you’ll see a Ronnie Musgrove who will be campaigning as pro-life, pro-military, pro-education, pro-states’ rights, pro-tax relief and pro anything else that will appeal to the state with the highest number of conservatives per population in America. The good news is that Musgrove stated he will be his own man when he gets to Washington. The bad news is-if he gets there-Harry Reid will be waiting with the DNC rulebook in hand.

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