Gallo Notes-August 27, 2008

Wall Street Journal-“ One of the most underreported stories at this week’s Democratic National Convention is that Big Labor is making a big comeback.”

The article is called, “Big Labor’s Comeback” and it is worth reading. The battleground ledger in Mississippi has two names above the long list of Union contributions at the top of the page. The first name is former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove and the next is Congressman Travis Childers. The deposit odometer on both candidates’ campaign account is spinning upward faster than a barrel of oil ahead of Gustav.

Congressman Childers may tell the people back home in the First District that he’s his own man, but Pelosi and the Unions back in Washington most likely hear the homeboy singing another tune. On the one report I’ve found, Childers has racked up an amazing $181,500.00 in just Union contributions! For that kind of money, they don’t want to hear anything about some freshman Congressman, “being his own man”.

Here are just a few of the Unions along with Congressman Barney Frank and Queen Mother Nancy Pelosi coming to the aid of Mississippian Travis Childers.

-National Air Traffic Controllers Association- $11,000.00
-Service Employees International Union $10,000.00
-United Food and Commercial Workers International Union $10,000.00
-International Assn of Firefighters $10,000.00
-AFL-CIO Cope Political Contributions Committee $ 7,500.00
-Machinist Non-Partisan League $10,000.00
-Laborers’ Political League $ 5,000.00
-International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $15,000.00
-American Federation of Teachers $10,000.00
-United Transportation Union PAC $ 5,000.00

Those are just a few of the many Unions solidly behind Cong. Childers. The Card Check legislation is going to be front and center in the next Congress and it could have a devastating effect on future business in Mississippi. In simple terms, the new law, if passed, would allow Unions to solicit 51% of employees to sign their name as requesting Union representation. If they are successful, the employees would be automatically unionized and under the dictates of the Union bosses in respect to Union dues, mandated strikes, etc. Also, because the ballot would no longer be secret, Union bosses would have full information on available list.

This is such an important issue that voters should be asking Congressman Childers and Ronnie Musgrove where they stand on “Card Check” But if you do, be prepared for both to “labor” over an appropriate answer.

Paul Gallo