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Because the famous, national psychics suck, I’ve decided to begin a “Gallo Predictions for the New Year”. After literally hours of meditation and a good merlot, the following predictions have come forth though a lateral dimension of cosmic communications….or something like that!

Top Five State Political Predictions

#1-Thad Cochran, Mississippi’s senior U. S. senator, was elected to a sixth six-year term on November 4. The Republican Haley Barbour’s second term as governor will end in January, 2012. Sometimes by late fall, Sen. Cochran will make the announcement that he will be retiring in 2010. All eyes will point to Gov. Barbour becoming Senator Barbour. This of course will impact the Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant.

#2- Democrat Chairman Jamie Franks will quit as Chairman of the Democrat Party due to frustration with the Black Caucus and Blue Dog coalition.

#3-Former Lt. Gov Amy Tuck will become more visible as she tests the political waters in 2009.

#4-By the end of 2009, Billy McCoy will announce he will be running for another term in the House and also for a third term as Speaker.

#5-There will be a run-off for the Mayor of Jackson between Councilman Marshan Crisler and Senator John Horhn. Embattled Mayor Frank Melton cops a plea and fades to the “bottom line”.

Top Five Predictions on the Economy

#1-Two, maybe three casinos will have deep financial troubles by the end of 2009 as revenues decline through the first three quarters of the year. Three building project will be put on hold.

#2-A final decision on Blue Spring and the Toyota Plant will not be forthcoming until late spring or early summer.

#3-A tobacco tax of near 50 cents a pack will finally be passed with most of the money going to the State’s General Fund.

#4-A record number of Mississippi Municipalities will be asking President Obama for a Bailout.


#5-Jackson’s new convention center will win a major national event before the end of 2009 that will draw thousands to the state.

Top Five National Predictions

#1-By Mid-Year, Obama will try to shore up confidence in the electorate and in himself by doing what he does best, traveling across the country on a speaking tour. Look for it to be given a fancy type Fireside Chat title. By the end of 2009 most of the Obama promises will go by the wayside. He will also lose an important staff member and supporter before the year is out. The loudest calls for muting criticism of Obama will come from those who bashed President Bush for eight years (and counting).

#2-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will get rave reviews for doing nothing. From the Second Quarter thru the end of the year, there will be rumors of a Mid-East peace deal that is being put together from the Obama team who likes to think ‘’out of the box’’, but by Hanukkah nothing will change except the bandages of those wounded on both sides of the continuing conflict.

#3-Look for major reorganization of GM and Ford. Chrysler Motors will be broken up and sold to three other remaining car makers.

#4-Homeland Security will not have time to put together a new warning system that contains no, much maligned, color codes. Before that is complete, there will be an alert in the first quarter that ends in a botched attack by terrorist. The reason it will not be fully successful will be because of the Bush implemented Patriot Act. The media will downplay the previous administration’s successful efforts. There will be renewed criticism of the media’s political correctness and sensitivity as more and more evidence points to home grown terrorist cells being responsible. Shocking details of the “Attack Plans” will increase tension and awareness in “War on Terror”.


#5-Look for President Obama to sidetrack hot button issues from immigration to taxation until late in the Fall of the year. Another sex scandal in Washington will erupt by late summer. And finally, look for some shocking revelations about Barack’s past life almost on a regular basis. Michelle will not be excluded from the media’s newly found macro lenses.

Top Five Long Shots

#1-Mississippi will be voted again as the fattest State in the Union with the lowest educational level and lowest household income, highest infant mortality and highest number of citizens killed in car wrecks not wearing their seatbelts, as the Democrats in the State House blame all of the aforementioned on Gov. Barbour, a former tobacco lobbyist.

#2-There will be a march on the Capitol by Bill Chandler and the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, Walter Howell of AARP, and five other non-profit groups (such as the Democrat Party) to protest unemployed citizens not being able to get seamless service on their TV sets after the conversion to digital. Several key members of the Black Caucus will ask for an investigation into the pre-conversion publicity conducted by the media. A new organization formed called the “Jerry Springer Caucus” will blame the stormy transition on Gov. Haley Barbour, a former tobacco lobbyist.

#3-Representative Cecil “The Frown” Brown will be gearing up his re-election rhetoric in late 2009 by demanding we throw away even more taxpayer’s dollars by restructuring of the MAEP formula so no living human being can understand it. Representative Steve Holland will retain the lead for the most aired sound bites across the State’s media, as well as the greatest number of “bleeps” per interview. Representative George Flaggs, House Banking Chairman will receive from an organization that he supports an award for single handedly saving the banking industry in Mississippi during these tumultuous times. Representative Bennett Malone and Speaker McCoy will hold a news conference blaming the international financial mess on Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a former tobacco lobbyist.
#4-Agricultural Commissioner Lester Spell will make an announcement in late 2009 that he will be a candidate to run for re-election. That decision will be reversed later and he will decide not to seek re-election. Commissioner Spell will blame the final decision on the lack of support from the GOP and on Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a former tobacco lobbyist.


#5-Bernie Ebbers pens a book from prison where he will still be after being snubbed by President Bush. The book’s profits will go to some charity. Dickie Scruggs’s name will be front and center in the First Quarter as we are treated to “Scruggs Two”. What many will not expect is that by the end of the year, “Scruggs Three!” will be a nascent national story. Dickie Scruggs will also write a book while in prison. The book’s first chapter will reveal unknown facts about the tobacco lawsuit as well as shocking revelations pertaining to the demise of the Scruggs’ Empire. For the first time ever, Dickie’s “tell all” book will blame the fall of the Scruggs’s Dynasty on Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a former tobacco lobbyist.

There you have it, The Gallo Predictions for 2009.


Gallo does not guarantee any of the aforementioned Predictions due to cosmic interference and outdated analog transmission. Should you wish to exchange one of the Gallo Predictions with your own, you should proceed at your own risk. Should any of the aforementioned Predictions actually come true, Gallo claims psyshic privilege in his sources. Should you wish to seek legal action in pursuing revelation of same mystic sources, please contact his attorney’s office at:
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