On the Gallo Radio Show, host Paul Gallo interviewed Representatives Greg Snowden (R-District 83) and Dr. Sid Bondurant (D-District 24). Both legislators acknowledged reports of pressure from McCoy’s office on the undecided. Gallo asked if the reports were true that threats were made to withhold funding and/or support for local projects if certain legislators didn’t get “on board” with Speaker McCoy. Both were aware of the reports but could not confirm first hand.

A follow-up call from Representative George Flaggs, a key McCoy supporter has apparently created a positive buzz for the Jeff Smith camp. Rep. Flaggs revealed on the Gallo Show that he was “concerned” that the process is “dragging on”. Flaggs stated that he felt the names on the McCoy list in question were solid and the Smith camp should just accept them as valid.

The revelation was that Flaggs (and maybe the McCoy camp) are worried that the longer this goes on, the more time for Smith to lock up one additional vote. Flaggs’ concerned is warranted according to some insiders. Now that Billy McCoy’s “Bluff List” didn’t work, all that is left is Committee position promises and political pressure.

Both Snowden and Bondurant stated that we might see this go all the way start of the 2008 session in January.

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Paul Gallo
Supertalk Mississippi