Reports from Gallo GRIT Squad (Gallo Research Investigative Team) is that the Speaker is not happy with the revelation of his meeting’s time and place. Rumors swirling around are that the Saturday meeting is vital to McCoy’s ultimate decision to fight all the way to November. Some reports have stated that McCoy is being urged to drop out and back either a relative or Travis Childers Prentiss County Chancery Clerk, as a replacement. A legislator may ask to be pulled from the ticket prior to the election due to health and Speaker McCoy is certainly within is right to use that reason at any time. The latest vote count from both camps verify that the race is a toss-up but leaning towards new leadership under the direction of conservative democrat Jeff Smith. Several “bean-counters” have scenarios that are even more ominous for McCoy when looking at the undecided races.

Stay tuned…it’s only going to get more interesting.

Paul Gallo
Supertalk Mississippi