Gameday on

Big games in college footballaround the country. The season is slowly coming
to an end…you don’t want to miss it.

UT v Ole Miss: Rebs need this one in a bad way. A loss here, and Reb fans
start thinking about the Music City Bowl.

Bama v MSU: The Dogs will play well for 3 quarters. Bama should win by 2 touchdowns.

Auburn v UGA: If Auburn wins, and I think they will, Richt’s off-season goes from bad to worse.

Notre Dame v Pitt: If the Irish lose, Weiss can go ahead and call a real-estate agent.

Fla v USC: If Spurrier could pull this off….he would be legendary in Columbia.

GT v Duke: See above for Cutcliffe.

Iowa v. OSU: The Big 10 is just flat out bad in football.

Texas A&M v Oklahoma: Could be a shootout? Better put some money on it.