Jimmie Gates: Connie Cochran leaves with her head up

For almost as long as I have been a reporter in the Jackson area, Connie Cochran has been a Hinds County election commissioner.

Since I have known Cochran, she has been one of those individuals who would give you a straight answer. Even if she made a mistake on something — such as not ordering the number of ballots required by law — she would admit it.

After 24 years, Cochran will leave office at the end of this year. She was defeated in her re-election bid this year. Newcomer Yvonne Robinson Horton of Bolton defeated Cochran by 112 votes after all ballots were certified.

Cochran, a Republican, fell victim to changing demographics in the county and redistricting that took some of her traditional supporters out of District 4.

Clarion Ledger