McDaniel’s words don’t match deeds

It’s also somewhat hypocritical of McDaniel, based on his own voting record in the state Legislature, as Geoff Pender, The Clarion-Ledger’s political editor, points out.

McDaniel, Pender wrote in a column this past weekend, has a record of supporting “a dog’s breakfast of spending — more than $948 million worth — much of it of the sort he himself has criticized recently.”

Pender highlighted several areas where McDaniel’s recent words as U.S. Senate candidate do not match up to his past actions as state Senate officeholder.

For instance, McDaniel the candidate criticized the federal government for picking “winners and losers” in corporate America through tax incentives and subsidies. Yet, McDaniel the officeholder has done the same with state money. This year, he voted for one of the most misguided incentive packages in state history, giving $24 million in tax credits to an outlet mall in Pearl. This corporate giveaway will make it a “winner” over other Jackson-area malls that didn’t receive such state help when they were being built.

Greenwood Commonwealth Editorial