GEBHART: Notre Dame’s quest: Remain at top in academics, athletics

Second of Two Parts
Let’s all agree on one thing. There is an avalanche of hypocrisy in big-time collegiate athletics. The stated goal of educational institutions is, quite simply, to educate and not to cram 100,000 fans into football stadiums or prepare young athletes for careers in the NFL or NBA.
All too many times, the educational process takes a back seat -way in the rear of sports programs. As a result, the young athletes who fill these stadiums and arenas are cheated out of why people go to college, and that is to get an education that will prepare them to make a living after graduation.
That’s a situation Dr. Allen Sack finds deplorable and that’s why he has spent the last 30 years crusading for a change in the way college athletes are treated.
Born and bred in Boothwyn and a remarkable athlete at Chichester High School, Dr. Sack is in a unique position to report on the problem. He was a member of Notre Dame’s 1966 national championship football team, but turned down a chance to play professional football to concentrate on his studies. He eventually earned his Ph.D. in sociology at Penn State.