Gene Taylor meets with Hattiesburg American Ed Board

Taylor, a Democrat who represents the 4th Congressional District, spoke to the Hattiesburg American editorial board Wednesday.

He admitted the military’s hunt for Osama bin Laden has shifted to being more about building a nation.

“That’s where you will have the problem,” he said. “They’ve never had a central government. They’ve had 30 years of war and don’t know what normal is.”

He said the fight in Afghanistan is a “slam dunk” win because there is a smaller number of insurgents who can’t handle the large military presence. “They don’t have helicopters. They’re not fighting with any sort of armors,” he said. “They’re doing what you and I would do if we had to fight with guerrilla warfare.”

He said Afghanistan is filled with corruption and he feels Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s effort are for his personal benefit.

Hattiesburg American