Gene Taylor: Obama ignoring US debt problems

Former President George W. Bush put the nation chin deep into debt, U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor said Monday.

President Barack Obama has continued that trend, he told the Hattiesburg American editorial board.

“Now he’s got us about eyeball deep,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the bailout coupled with taxpayer dollars being spent on projects that aren’t worth the price paid is driving up the deficit.

“So far, (Obama) has ignored the problem I have worked the hardest on, the national debt,” he said.

“The debt has to be repaid by someone at some time, and you do have to pay interest on it at some time which is a very real payment.”

Military vessels bid out to companies are coming in hundreds of millions of dollars over budget, Taylor said.

He said the private sector needs to get involved in the process, so taxpayers and the country will get more for their dollar.

Hattiesburg American