Gene Taylor turning into a politician?

I attended the local meeting with Rep. Gene Taylor on April 14. I met Rep. Taylor about 20 years ago when he was running for Congress for the first time. I was totally impressed with his freshness and desire to do a good job. We spoke for several hours and we agreed and disagreed on subjects. I voted for him then and I voted for him in the last election. I will probably vote for him again.

I was not happy with his demeanor at the meeting. We had a larger than normal crowd because of the Tea Parties and other local groups along with individual involvement. Twice, the congressman brought up Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh as the reason a lot of us were attending. I expected better from him. That should be a positive comment, that people are taking an interest in government and not a negative observation. I respect Beck, Limbaugh and Taylor, but Taylor is the only one who got my vote to work for me.

I sadly saw a change in the congressman from 20 years ago. He had the talking points down pat. He knew to provide lengthy answers to answer fewer questions. He dwelled on the past, and as is done by all politicians, blamed the other side.

He does a great job of representing us and I believe that bushy-tailed young man is still in there but if he continues to buy into the blame game, I would be greatly disappointed. I am not affiliated with any party. I voted for Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran and as I said, I voted for Taylor. If the Gene Taylor we sent to Washington comes back to us, I would vote for him for senator over Cochran or Wicker. We can’t afford the pork they are providing. I sure haven’t seen any of it.

Dan Lindsay
Hattiesburg-American Letter