Maximus Tater I’s artful return

I wrote a column a couple weeks back about Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves being “low-key and mostly playing defense for the first half of this legislative session — all very unusual for someone who has previously controlled every jot and tittle of policy and legislation.”

I take it back.

Since then, he’s killed or maimed a slew of bills pushed by the House leadership or the governor. He’s co-opted Speaker Philip Gunn’s teacher raise. He’s smack-talked the House as a bunch of spendthrifts and political grandstanders (even as he spent a bunch of money and grandstanded himself). He even managed to tick off Hollywood, killing a motion picture studio incentives plan.

It’s the return of Maximus Tater I, Ruler of the Senate, Arbiter of All Mississippi Legislation.

Geoff Pender