Geoff Pender: McDaniel himself a spender?

State Sen. Chris McDaniel’s campaign for U.S. Senate is centered on bringing an end to the pork-barrel, big-spending ways of Washington and longtime incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran.

But McDaniel might have to defend some of his own spending and tax votes during his six years in the state Legislature.

Prior to this year, when he was prepping to run for Cochran’s seat, McDaniel supported a dog’s breakfast of borrowing and spending — more than $948 million worth — much of it of the sort he himself has criticized recently, including “building museums while we’re in a recession” and bills that included pet projects for lawmakers.

And on the two major tax increases passed by the Legislature during his tenure, he’s batting .500. He voted against a cigarette tax increase but for a $90 million tax increase on hospitals.

Clarion Ledger