Geoff Pender: Nobody does it quite like us

There’s three ways to do things: the easy way, the hard way and the Mississippi way, which makes the hard way look easy.

The state’s leaders, as they often do, have chosen the by-God Mississippi way to deal with Medicaid expansion and the federal Affordable Care Act. Other states might be grappling with the same issues, but they can’t claim to have approached it with anything near the muddled-up, blindered pig ignorance we’ve seen over the last six months. Mississippi government could mess up a one-car funeral.

Our Medicaid program, which provides health care to more than 640,000 people, is set to “expire” in about two weeks because our Republican and Democratic leaders can’t cooperate or even communicate.

I’d go through lots of the particulars and arguments from both sides — which I and many others have written and will continue to write ad nauseam. But I’m suffering what a colleague recently described as a case of “Medicaid fatigue.”

Clarion Ledger