Geoff Pender: Palazzo starting to act the part

Republican U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo looked masterful last week and provided his party some badly needed cover and good P.R. amidst a maelstrom of bad press over the government shutdown.

One would be hard pressed not to applaud his to-hell-with-it move of pushing aside barricades to let 92 Mississippi World War II vets visit their memorial amidst the government shutdown. I think anyone who stormed through the 88’s fire on the beaches of Normandy or tackled Japanese machine gun nests ought to be able to parade naked through the memorial playing a banjo, if they so desire.

Palazzo was both patriot and populist, drew publicity and praise, fooled his enemies and amazed his friends, right there on national tee-vee.

Conservative state blogger Frank Corder declared, “Palazzo secures re-election by moving barricade.” Columnist Brian Perry recently penned, “critics contemplating a primary challenge may find Palazzo stronger than they anticipate.”

Clarion Ledger