McDaniel tries to rebound from dirty political scandal

While authorities say there’s been no evidence connecting the case to a campaign proper, McDaniel would be hard put to say he doesn’t know at least a couple of the players and know them well.

And they allegedly were working on an extreme variation of a theme the McDaniel camp was pushing against Cochran.

In essence, the McDaniel loyalists’ dirty “October surprise” for Cochran backfired and has provided the Cochran campaign with one of its own, and a national-scandal doozy in the 11th hour at that.

It’s a case that will impact not just the upcoming GOP primary but likely Mississippi Republican politics — perhaps even national politics — in the long run.

The Republican “establishment” is likely to use it as a case study to try to chill the tea party movement.

The timing couldn’t have been worse for the McDaniel campaign.

Clarion Ledger