McDaniel seeks to show ‘pattern of conduct’ that stole election

McDaniel’s challenge seeks to show a “pattern of conduct,” through a three-ring binder of allegations that includes press stories, people’s social media posts, polling of voters after the primary and lists and affidavits about questionable votes.

In his complaint, McDaniel claims that shortly after the runoff “evidence came to light that not only was the Cochran campaign soliciting Democratic votes, but specific Cochran campaign personnel were named as participating in a criminal vote-buying scheme.”

The Cochran campaign has called allegations of vote buying or other fraud “baseless” and said numbers of questionable votes are small – around 1,000 — and within normal percentages of human error for an election.

McDaniel’s complaint includes a recording of Meridian man Stevie Fielder claiming he helped the Cochran campaign buy votes. Fielder, who was paid by an online news outlet for his story, has since recanted most of his story, and state Attorney General Jim Hood said last week that his office investigated and determined Fielder was paid to lie about vote buying.

Clarion Ledger