Lawmakers at impasse over road money, internet sales tax

With a two-thirds supermajority vote in both chambers, lawmakers could suspend rules, push deadlines back and revive the MDOT budget. The Senate approved such a rules suspension Monday night, but the House did not.

“The House is determined to have a conversation about our state’s infrastructure,” said Gunn.

Bryant, in a written statement. said he will continue to work with Gunn and Reeves. Lawmakers expect to end their regular 2017 legislative session by Friday.

“If the session ends without a complete budget for (MDOT), we will have to work together to find a resolution, which will obviously necessitate a special session,” Bryant said.

The cost per day of a special session is more than $40,000 just to pay, house and feed lawmakers, and $60,000 on days when they’re reimbursed for travel. The actual cost of a special session — counting staff, utilities and other costs is probably closer to $100,000 a day, legislative officials have said in the past. House leaders said that lawmakers have knocked off on Thursday’s some during the session, “saving” taxpayers session costs for at least six days.

Clarion Ledger