Gov. Bryant’s British invasion: That’s a real corker

And if you told me Bryant would be a repeat guest on British talk radio critiquing Brexit plans, giving foreign trade advice and getting into the weeds on London and U.K. politics, why I’d be gobsmacked, and wonder if you were off your trolley.

But Mississippi’s governor has been a hit across the pond.

As I write, I’m looking — somewhat in disbelief — at a Daily Express story headlined, “Trump affection for UK very strong, Republican says UK ‘front of queue’ for trade deal.”

That Republican chap toting the president’s foreign policy water in Great Britain and using the term “front of queue” to promise the U.K. better trade with the U.S. is none other than Dewey Phillip Bryant, 64th governor of Mississippi, a man I’ve heard open speeches with, “Howdy, y’all.”

Clarion Ledger