Georgia Football: Getting Our Swagger Back

First off: The above title is interchangeable.

Call it “Swagger”, if you’re referring to the old school ways Georgia is going to run the ball down your throat and jam you at the line.

Call it “Swagga” if you’re referring to all the new kids on the block who bring a loaded gun of young, raw talent.

Right now, a monster is sleeping in Athens.

It is sleeping in the athletic dorms of East Campus, and lurking in the home locker room of Sanford Stadium. It has been tucked away for almost two years, and finally wants to come back out and play.

So what is this beast?

What is it that has me staying up at night reworking a possible depth chart for next year, grinning foolishly and laughing heavily each time?

It’s Aaron Murray. It’s Caleb King. It’s Washaun Ealy. It’s Branden Smith. It’s Brandon Boykin. It’s Orson Charles. It’s Da’Rick Rogers. It’s AJ Green. It’s all these names and dozens of others. So what shall we name it? How about: Future.

Pay attention to what’s about to take place at Georgia over the next few years. Don’t blink, because it’s so fast you might miss it. Plain and simple: The Dawgs are STACKED

While this is not an article to bash Joe Cox or blame Willie Martinez, it is safe to say that our boys were mediocre this season. We couldn’t run, only a few could catch, and it seems as if tackling was just a “waste of practice team” or something along those lines