Georgia: Tech offense turning back football clocks

ATLANTA — The evolution of offensive football, according to Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson, started with the option. Miami’s one-back, two tight end sets then gained popularity — coaches love to copy — followed by a switch to more two-back sets. The new style, now implemented in the major conferences, is the spread formation out of the shotgun.
And yet here’s Georgia Tech, mocking evolution, scoffing at time, going the opposite direction and still racing past SEC defenses. The Yellow Jackets scored 38 points against Mississippi State, 45 at Georgia and will get another opportunity against the SEC tonight when they meet LSU in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.
But in a profession of copycats, no one seems eager to mimic Johnson’s triple option. And it prompts an interesting question: Given Johnson’s success at every stop, why doesn’t any other major program run his offense?