Georgia’s Bobo a rising star in coaching ranks

Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo held a teleconference call with reporters on Thursday. And while the information he shared (more on that later) was interesting and useful, just the fact he was holding a teleconference was the most intriguing thing for me.

Bobo, 34, has kind of quietly become the star coach of head coach Mark Richt’s staff and his rise to his current status therein has been meteoric.
We all took notice when Stacy Searels and Rodney Garner turned down lucrative job offers at other institutions to remain at Georgia. Richt promptly rewarded those coaches’ loyalty with substantial raises for this coming season. Searels got a $54,600 bump and Garner $36,699. Linebackers coach John Jancek, who was recently named co-defensive coordinator after turning down a job at South Florida, will probably receive similar treatment in coming weeks.