Get Homes and Insurance Ready for Hurricane Ida

Jackson -The Mississippi Insurance Department (MID) reminds everyone that
preparation in advance of a storm can help save lives and property and can
prevent unpleasant insurance surprises should Hurricane Ida take aim at the
The MID offers the following tips for advance storm preparations:
Have a family evacuation plan.
If you live in a low-lying area be prepared to evacuate.
If you do evacuate let someone know where you are.
Check your homeowner’s policy to make sure it contains flood and windstorm
Review coverage limits on your home and valuables to make sure they are
fully covered.
Determine whether your policy will pay replacement cost or actual cash value
in the event of a loss.
Find out whether your policy will pay for “additional living expenses” to
cover the cost of hotels and meals should your home become uninhabitable.
Record and update an inventory of all personal belongings. Make photos, and,
if possible, a videotape showing your possessions. Record insurance policy
information. (A home inventory checklist is available on the Storm
Preparedness Page of the MID website at “Double
checking your homeowner’s policy is one of the most important steps
Mississippians can take to ensure that lives and property are not lost due
to inadequate preparation,” Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney said.
Chaney added that while Hurricane Ida does not appear to be as devastating
as Hurricane Katrina, it is always wise to be thorough in storm preparations
anytime the Mississippi Gulf Coast is threatened.
While encouraging citizens to be prepared Commissioner Chaney wants to
assure Mississippians that the MID is taking steps to be as equally
prepared. His office is in communication with all the major writers of
homeowners insurance in Mississippi to ensure that they have adequate staff
and resources to handle any damage caused by Hurricane Ida.
More storm preparedness tips can be found in the MID publication, the
“Insurance Consumer’s Hurricane Checklist.” Copies of the brochure are
available by contacting the Department at (800) 562-2957. The brochure also
is accessible on the Storm Preparedness page of the MID website at .
Should Hurricane Ida strike Mississippi, the MID urges policyholders to take
the following steps to get their claim filed as soon as possible:
. If your property is damaged you should contact the agent that sold
you the policy. If you have trouble reaching your agent you can contact your
company or the MID at 1-800-562-2957. The Department will locate your
company or agent and get an adjuster assigned to your claim. Any victims
should go ahead and get their insurance company’s name and policy number to
speed up the claim process.
Keep all receipts for expenses for any damages to your home.
Be careful before you enter any damaged property and be careful of escaping
natural gas, live electrical wires and collapses.
Take pictures of any damages before you repair both inside and outside. If
possible, make temporary repairs to your property to prevent further losses.
If possible, open the windows and doors to let the air circulate and help
remove the foul odors to protect you from escaping gas and to dry out the
Hire licensed and reputable contractors for repair work. Call the
Mississippi State Board of Contractors at 1-800-880-6161 or visit their
website at to determine if a contractor is
properly licensed.
If anyone suspects “price gouging” they should contact their local law
enforcement or the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office, Consumer
Protection Division, at 1-800-281-4418.

Donna J. Cromeans
Public Relations Director
Mississippi Insurance Department
Cell – (601)826-9600
Donna J. Cromeans
Public Relations Director
Mississippi Insurance Department
Cell – (601)826-9600