Get ready for major conference shakeups

The reports come daily now—the Big Ten wants Texas, the Pac-10 wants someone times two, and, in sum, college sports sits on the brink of another expansion era.
Get used to it, old-schoolers.
Welcome to the major story line of the next 12 months.
“People have the right to move,” Mike Tranghese said by phone Thursday morning. “As a conference, you can’t prevent a school from leaving. If a school wants to leave, it’s going to leave.”
Tranghese worked at the epicenter of the last expansion era. Its highlights revolved around the Big East Conference he ran as commissioner. Three schools, including charter member Boston College, bailed for the ACC; five came aboard from Conference USA.
Tranghese is out of the game now but senses, like so many still active in college sports administration, that college sports could soon look much different.