Get to know Georgia Southern coach Chris Hatcher

If you can catch him, he’ll talk to you. If you’d like to talk to Chris Hatcher, go right ahead. He’s personable, accessible and charming, and thanks to the laid-back atmosphere surrounding the Georgia Southern football program, he’s right there on the practice field for all to see.
The challenge for you will be catching up to him.
The Eagles conduct their practices in 5-minute bursts, and Hatcher runs from spot to spot, visored and zipping between drills manically. He calls plays in situation drills. He paces as all three quarterbacks simultaneously work on their curls and fades. He runs over with the rest of the team to pay tribute to “Beautiful Eagle Creek,” the glorified drainage ditch that runs along one side of the field, and whose water former coach Erk Russell used to christen enemy fields on road games. He seems to yell “faster, faster!” during everything from drills to water breaks.