Giants should only trade Shockey for real value
Just the mere mention of his name, and the reaction is immediate and intense.

Jeremy Shockey.

Love him or hate him, this man gets your attention. Especially now, on the eve of the draft, when trade rumors continue to swirl about the controversial tight end.

Trade Shockey or keep him? I say keep him, unless you get a deal that’s worth giving up one of the top five tight ends in football.
So what that he’s apparently unhappy with his current role in the offense and apparently having a few pity parties because he wasn’t a part of the Giants’ playoff run. You don’t just trade away a valuable player because he’s not entirely satisfied with his role and wants an opportunity to play elsewhere.

What professional athlete doesn’t entertain such thoughts at some point along the way? Even Lawrence Taylor occasionally whined about playing in New York and once tried to get Bill Parcells to trade him to the Oilers.