Gill needs to find program that fits him

My critics accuse me of being a deliberate contrarian. It is not true. I simply see the world differently.

That probably explains why I see Tommy Tuberville as the lone victim in the Gene Chizik-Turner Gill-Charles Barkley controversy surrounding Auburn football.
Tuberville — not Gill — is the injured party. Tuberville — not Gill — has 110 career victories and a 7-3 record vs. Alabama. Tuberville — not Gill — is the accomplished, experienced, decorated, proven head coach who got run out of a job so that Auburn could hire a man riding a 10-game losing streak at Iowa State.

If his name was Tommy Obama and his father was an irresponsible Kenyan, there would be blood filling the streets of Alabama this week.
Instead, somehow we’ve surmised that Auburn officials reenacted Mississippi Burning on Turner Gill, the thanks-but-no-thanks candidate.