GINGRICH: Barbour had best remarks on GOP victories

HANNITY: All right, but if we look at — the numbers that really stood out to me, in New Jersey, from a year ago, it was the 20-point swing because Obama won that state by 15 points, Christie won by 5. It was a 25-point swing in Virginia.

Now Obama campaigned in both states for both Democratic candidates — nearly half a dozen times for John Corzine — and he himself said that the New Jersey governor is a key for his own agenda. You know, they sent his team in to help Corzine campaign, so what do you think of their spin today?

GINGRICH: I think when you’re desperate, you do what desperate people do. You know, if they had won these two races, they had been out dancing this morning, telling us it was an absolute reaffirmation of the Obama team. But I thought the person who had the best analysis was Governor Haley Barbour who’s a Republican Governors Association and Nick Ayers has done such a great job.

And Governor Barbour said, you know it’s not that Obama’s personally unpopular because people like the president of the United States to succeed. He said it’s his policies that were unpopular. And people don’t like what they’re trying to do. And I think Corzine, of course, had been a terrible governor of New Jersey, was in a deep hole.

And remember he outspent Chris Christie by 4 to 1, $24 million was spent by Corzine of his own money. So you’re really talking about an amazing victory for the Republicans in New Jersey. And of course, when you get a 59-42 blowout in Virginia, all this talk the Obama people, had Axelrod and others, that Virginia was now a purple state, I think they just washed all the purple out and they went back to being a solid Republican state last night.

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