It’s hard to believe another statewide primary election is here in front of us. It will be Y’allPolitics statewide 3rd primary in the just-shy-of 11 years we’ve been in continuous operation and the progress of state politics, particularly of GOP politics, in that amount of time is telling.

Win, lose or draw tomorrow, candidates are to be congratulated. Whether you’ve run a good race or a bad one, you’ve run a race and that takes guts to put yourself out there.

There lots of endorsements floating around . . . lots of social media ads . . . lots of TV and radio commercials being aired, and there even a few web ads on your favorite local websites. That’s all great. We’ve certainly been cataloging as much of that information as we can. But we do have a couple of thoughts.

First to voters, get yourself informed and GO VOTE. Pretty simple. It doesn’t matter which party or candidate you vote for. But go exercise the right to vote. That’s what it’s all about.

Secondly, I have a message to candidates. Everyone’s gonna go vote and we are going to get those votes all tallied up on election night. Remember what we are doing tomorrow . . . we are electing nominees for the respective parties.

If you win, be magnanimous. Politics is a rough game and sharp elbows are part of it. Make it easy for your opponent to concede and be gracious to them.

If you lose, accept that the voters chose someone else and be gracious. Offer concession AND endorsement quickly and unequivocally. Don’t substitute your judgment for that of the voters where you live. We’ve certainly had instances in the not too distant past where a group of folks just wanted to “burn the house down”. That’s not smart. Not only is it bad for party politics, it’s bad for Mississippi.

If you’re running for the party’s nomination, and you lose, support the nominee. If not, you shouldn’t have run for a party nomination in the first place. That’s the deal and it’s what you signed up for. Everyone knows the rules when they start, but they often have trouble remembering after a tough campaign after the punches have been thrown.

Remember, folks are watching and they usually remember the poor losers with particular ire that lasts long after elections are over.