Election Day 2011 is here in Mississippi… Stand up and be counted!

Outside of the three ballot initiatives, today’s storyline will center around the Mississippi House of Representatives.

For conservatives and Republicans, this can be a historic day if we take the majority in the state House. For liberals and Democrats, not losing the Attorney General’s race and retaining control of the House would be a win for them in a year where little has gone their way.

Stay diligent and engaged throughout the day and push until the polls close tonight at 7pm. Your efforts and your vote will make a difference today!

If you have any news or notes of interest around the state as you head to the polls, drop me an email at {encode=”[email protected]” title=”[email protected]”}. I would be interested in hearing what you are experiencing this election day in Mississippi.

See you later tonight…


Reports across the state are indicating that voter turnout so far is above average in many locations. We’ll see if this trend continues throughout the day.