June 3 is finally here!

It’s been a long, hard GOP primary season highlighted by the National Tea Party’s coordinated effort to knock off a sitting Republican US Senate incumbent and a former Democrat seeking a comeback after switching parties in the 4th District.

These two races will take center stage today, even in the national media.

For Republicans today is a welcome end to one of the most bitter intra-party struggles in Mississippi history. Most conservative Mississippians would not like to repeat this spring anytime soon but depending on the outcome this sort of thing could plague the MSGOP for years to come. If their chosen one (McDaniel) wins the Senate race it will embolden the fringe setting up an interesting lead into the 2015 statewide elections.

For Democrats it’s been fun to watch the debacle across the aisle but their race toward the general election begins in earnest today.

How this divisive saga ends will be seen tonight (we hope).

But no matter where your allegiance lies, let your voice be heard at the ballot box.

And remember, win or lose, there will still be a June 4, God willing; Republicans have a lot of wounds that need mending between now and November.

Let’s start the healing process even today by reveling in a win brought to Mississippi’s electoral process through a unified effort of conservatives: Voter ID. The historic significance of today’s vote using Voter ID proves that when conservatives unite behind a cause we can make a positive impact in our great state.

So GO VOTE Mississippi! And remember, November’s coming.