Senator Gloria Williamson, the chairwoman of the Senate Democratic Party Caucus, recently boasted that Democrats will re-take the seat of Sen. James Shannon Walley, qualified for re-election as a Republican. “A Democrat will win this seat…,” said Williamson. In that statement Keelan Sanders, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Party, echoed Williamson: “The voters will elect a genuine Democrat.”

What does the Mississippi Democratic Party consider a “genuine Democrat?” Further more, does Mississippi really need more of them? Let’s look at Gloria Williamson:

-In 2006 Williamson introduced Senate Bill 2364, a bill that sought to raise taxes on businesses.
-Williamson scored 38 out of a possible 100 earning the rating of “anti-business” from the Business and Industry Political Action Committee (BIPEC).
-In 2006 Williamson introduced Senate Bill 2533, a bill that heavily favored labor unions.
-Williamson rejected the right of Mississippians to defend their homes by voting against the Castle Doctrine, Senate Bill 2426, in 2006.
-Williamson showed that she is opposed to fair elections by voting against Voter ID 2309 in 2006.
-Williamson has financially contributed to liberal candidates, such as Bennie Thompson, Al Gore, and Patrick Kennedy!

“For conservative Mississippians this begs the question, ‘do I want a genuine Democrat representing me in the state legislature,'” said Brad White, chairman of candidate recruitment for the Mississippi Republican Party. “Like many before him, Senator Walley left the Mississippi Democratic Party because his principles and values, as well as those of the people in his district, are more in line with the Republican Party.”

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