GOP Insiders: House Leaders Can Speak For Tea Party

epublican operatives are confident that their current House leaders are able to represent the interests of the tea party movement, according the results of the latest National Journal Political Insiders Poll.

A whopping 92 percent of the 103 Republican Insiders who responded to the survey this week, said that their current House leadership can “represent Tea Party interests well.” Only eight percent said it couldn’t. Democratic Insiders were dubious: 60 percent predicted that the GOP House leadership wouldn’t be able to represent tea party interests well, while 39 percent said it could.

“[Incoming House Speaker John] Boehner (R-Ohio) has the soul of a Main Street small business owner and has lived what the tea party is feeling,” said one Republican Insider. “Boehner fully recognizes the importance they played in providing Republicans with a majority and will include them as important parts of the team,” added another.

National Journal