GOP leaders adopt litmus test of values for candidates

In an unprecedented move, the Republican National Committeeon Friday unanimously called onits chairman,Michael S. Steele, to “carefully screen” candidates for their adherence to conservative values before granting them RNC financial help.

The resolution specifically calls on the national chairman to take into account thevotingrecords and statements of all GOP candidatesfor evidence that they supportthe “core principles and positions” ofthe party’s nationalplatform, widely regarded as a highlyconservative document.

“The brilliant part of the resolution is that it is tied to the party platform … that has been thought out, debated and passed unanimously at our national convention,” North Dakota GOP Chairman Gary Emineth told The Washington Times after he and his fellow RNC members passed the resolution.

Opponents of the resolution disputed its importance and uniqueness. “This is not historic, nor is it binding,” said Mississippi RNC member Henry Barbour, the nephew of Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a former RNC chairman who is revered by most Republicans.

“I also think it is important to note that this resolution was not amended. This resolution urges the GOP to be careful not to fund anymore [Dee Dee Scozzafavas], but that was an exception,” said Mr. Barbour. “The resolution still gives the funding discretion to the RNC Chairman and state party leaders where it belongs.”

Washington Times