GOP presidential contenders should compare records to Obama record, Barbour says

OXFORD, Miss. — Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry and others should compare their records to President Barack Obama’s and voters will see the difference, Gov. Haley Barbour said today.

Texas Gov. Perry, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and most of the others seeking the Republican presidential nomination have records that stand out against Obama’s, Barbour said.

“Normally, when an incumbent is up for re-election, it’s a referendum on his record, and that’s the way presidential elections ought to be,” Barbour said after a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Winchester Centerfire plant.

“If this election is about Barack Obama’s policies and the results he’s gotten with them — his record — he’ll lose. If I were Rick Perry or Mitt Romney or (former Utah governor) John Huntsman or anybody else, I’d say, ‘this is my record, compare it to President Obama’s record’ and (ask), ‘do you want more of the same.’

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