Got mail threats? Call law enforcement, AG for help

If an e-mailer threatens to kill you, don’t answer.

You’d think that falls under the category of basic survival skills.

But Mississippi Attorney Gen. Jim Hood says the threat is the latest e-mail scam making the rounds. Apparently it’s been reported in other states, and Hood’s office has received several reports about it.

“The e-mail is most likely an extortion scam or hoax,” an e-mail from Hood said Monday.

Scam artists and Internet predators often use these schemes to scare people into paying them large sums of money, he noted.

If you get such an e-mail, Hood advises you to call your local police or sheriff’s department or contact his office at 601-359-4230 or through his Web site

The e-mailer, however, warns that he will know if you contact law enforcement.

“As I am writing to you now, my men are monitoring you and they are telling me everything about you,” the e-mail notes.

But apparently the killer has a fit of conscience and says although he’s been hired to end your life, he knows you’re innocent, so he’s not going to kill you if you’ll pay $24,000.

“This is extortion and may be prosecuted,” Hood adds.

Daily Journal