Governor and State Chairman Respond to Elector Meeting

Mississippi Cast Six Electoral Votes for Donald Trump and Mike Pence

JACKSON, MS — Mississippi Presidential Electors met this morning at the State Capitol where all six votes were cast for Donald J. Trump in the 2016 General Election for President and Mike Pence for Vice President of the United States. Governor Phil Bryant and Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef released the following statements following today’s meeting:

Governor Bryant stated, “Mississippi cast all 6 of its electoral votes for Donald J. Trump this morning at the Mississippi State Election meeting. We stand ready to help President-Elect Trump Make America Great Again.”

Chairman Nosef stated, “I’m proud that Mississippi has done its part in taking the next step to make Donald J. Trump the next President of the United States. Clearly our country is ready for change, and I’m confident the Trump administration will finally provide the type of change the American people are looking for and our country needs.”