Bryant: ‘Secular’ world angry over LGBT law

The Republican governor spoke in Washington as the conservative Family Research Council gave him an award last Thursday for signing House Bill 1523 this year and a similar one in 2014 called the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“About 60 days ago, it seemed as if all of the secular, progressive world had decided they were going to pour their anger and their frustration – their friends in the media willingly joining with them to bring all that they could upon the governor of the state,” Bryant said. “Hoping, first, that surely he wouldn’t sign that bill if we could just draw enough editorial cartoons … if we could condemn him enough, if we could get enough cameras in his office, if we could get people to go out and protest in front of the governor’s mansion at night. We could get people to call him bad names – ‘Oh, you know, he’s from Mississippi so we can use that racist idea.’

“How dare them,” Bryant said. “How dare them.”

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins presented Bryant with the organization’s first Samuel Adams Religious Freedom Award during a conference for pastors.

Daily Journal