Phil Bryant: Criminal class vs. law enforcement

It is becoming apparent that a deadly conflict now exists between the criminal class and law enforcement across America. Make no mistake, this is not a racial conflict or a new civil rights movement by a group of Americans segregated and abused. This is an attack on law enforcement — a profession which includes the necessary burden to interact with violent and drug induced behavior by the criminal class.

As a former law enforcement officer, I can assure you no officer wants to be involved in a physical conflict with any citizen, even after they have probable cause to believe the suspect has committed a crime. The officers are trained to use only the necessary amount of force to affect the arrest.

Now comes the narrative of law enforcement officers who allegedly profile based on race, even when the police officers are minorities and when the suspect has violated the law. The incidents can easily be avoided and lives saved. Simply put, if you don’t violate the law, disobey a police officer during an intervention and don’t resist arrest, your chances of being in conflict with an officer are non-existent.