Gov. Bryant Comments on Initiative 42 Lawsuit

JACKSON—On Sept. 14, organizers of the campaign to promote Initiative 42 filed a lawsuit against Gov. Phil Bryant and Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, asking a Hinds County court to mandate a change in the approved ballot for the November 2015 statewide election.

At the time the lawsuit was filed, Gov. Phil Bryant said:

“The sample ballot contains the complete language proponents of Initiative 42 hope to insert into the Mississippi Constitution. This information was transparently provided so Mississippians can read and decide for themselves how to vote instead of being deliberately misinformed by an organization that is funded by out of state interest groups. This latest lawsuit is a continuation of this organization’s troubling pattern of using Hinds County courts each time the state’s elected officials reject their attempts to mislead voters.”

Today, plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed a notice to voluntarily dismiss the suit.

Gov. Phil Bryant issues the following statement on that action:

“This lawsuit was a political stunt and shows how far this organization will go to push their liberal agenda of taking power from the people’s elected representation and putting it in the hands of a judge in Jackson.”