Gov. Bryant Endorsed for Re-Election by Mississippi Right to Life

Governor Phil Bryant was endorsed for re-election by Mississippi Right to Life this week. Mississippi Right to Life’s Chairman Barbara Whitehead issued the endorsement of Gov. Bryant, saying: “As a legislator, lieutenant governor and now as governor you [Gov. Bryant] have been a strong friend of those who need protection. You have taken your valuable time to discuss problems and solutions on life issues and been a strong leader with legislation. The citizens of Mississippi are pro-life and it is through the commitment of candidates and officials like you that Mississippi is recognized as one of the most pro-life states in the nation.”

Gov. Bryant will continue to fight for the most vulnerable among us, including the unborn. In the last four years, Gov. Bryant has fought to ban abortion in Mississippi after 20 weeks and require abortion facilities to meet the same medical standards as other medical facilities. He won’t stop until Mississippi is the safest place in America for unborn children.

Gov. Phil Bryant Press Release