Effort to recruit foster parents under way in Mississippi

Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Dawn Beam is chair of the Mississippi Commission on Children’s Justice, the group spearheading organization of Rescue 100 programs to train foster parents.

“We have a tremendous need for loving foster homes for our children. This is an exciting effort working with the courts, local child protection staff, non-profit organizations and local churches to wrap their arms around our children and their families,” Beam said Friday.

Gov. Phil Byrant is pushing to reform the foster care system in Mississippi. The Legislature, at Bryant’s urging, put an additional $34 million into the system for this fiscal year. The governor also created a new state agency separate from the Department of Human Services. The Department of Child Protection Services was created with former state Supreme Court Justice David Chandler heading the agency.

Bryant said at the Rescue 100 event that if there was just one thing he could accomplish during his administration, it would be to improve the foster care system for children.

Clarion Ledger