Gov. Bryant Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Isaac
Mobilizes Key Preparedness Resources

PEARL—Gov. Phil Bryant today declared a State of Emergency ahead of potential impacts from Tropical Storm Isaac. The National Hurricane Center has issued both a tropical storm warning and a hurricane warning for multiple counties in Mississippi.

A hurricane warning means that tropical storm force winds are likely within 36 hours.

The State of Emergency is an administrative tool that allows state resources to be utilized by local governments throughout the areas that could be affected by a disaster.

“Residents should not be frightened because we have issued a State of Emergency,” Gov. Bryant said. “However, I urge individuals and families to finalize their personal preparedness efforts. Review your family communication plan, make sure your emergency supply kit is fully stocked and know where you will go if you need to evacuate.”

Bryant also authorized the Mississippi National Guard to deploy ten members of its civil support team to the coastal counties. The team will work with local emergency management agencies to assist with preparedness efforts and will be on hand to transition to full-scale disaster response if necessary.

“We are taking the threat of impact from Isaac seriously, and we are working to ensure that Mississippi is well-prepared” Gov. Bryant said. “Sound preparations will enable us to ramp up our response without losing time if the situation worsens.”

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency also deployed members of the State Emergency Response Team to Biloxi. The SERT is made up of personnel from several key state agencies including MEMA, Miss. Department of Transportation, Dept. of Public Safety and the Miss. National Guard.

“It is important that we have resources and trained personnel ahead of the storm in those areas which could be potentially impacted by this storm,” said MEMA Director Robert Latham. “The members of the SERT train for events just like this and they are able to support the local counties with state resources turned on by the State of Emergency. We are working closely with local governments within the forecasted impact area to ensure that they have the resources needed to prepare for and respond to this storm.”

The State Emergency Operations Center in Pearl will activate at 7 a.m. tomorrow in preparation for Isaac.


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