Q&A with Phi Bryant: Mississippi governor discusses 2015 agenda in AP interview

Bryant, a Republican, is seeking a second term in 2015….

…AP: And speaking of adequate schools, why not fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, the budget formula that was put into law in 1997?

Bryant: “I don’t think it would make any difference. I don’t think that formula will get us where we want to be…. Republicans are very willing to fund things that work in education. We are unwilling to put money into a formula that has not proven to be effective and that appears to increase the administrative expenditures more than the classroom…. We’re willing to give a $100 million teacher pay raise. We’re certainly willing to put money into charter schools and to scholarship programs for children who want to become teachers. We are willing to put money into educational systems that work. What we are being asked to do is to take a formula from the 1990s and fully fund it and hope that it works.”

AP: Why not just repeal MAEP, then?

Bryant: “I’m not sure there’s the political will to do that. I think you might look at some consideration of amending it.”