Governor Bryant Vows To Continue Executions

Mississippi’s lethal injection process coming under close scrutiny following a botched execution in Oklahoma. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports Governor Phil Bryant is committed to continue the death penalty in the state.

Mississippi uses a three drug cocktail for its executions.

Its similar to but not the same as the drugs used in Oklahoma.

During executions, the Mississippi Department of Corrections uses pentobarbital to render an inmate unconscious.

This is different from the drug Oklahoma used.

Both states use the same drugs to immobilize an inmate and stop his or her heart.

Governor Phil Bryant says he is confident that Mississippi’s drugs are an effective way to execute inmates and the state should continue the death penalty.

“I think the Department of Corrections is looking into that. I think we have a supply on hand. I feel comfortable that there will be other methods that will be determined for that. We had methods for executing people before lethal injection. I feel we will be able to do the same thing after that,” Bryant said.

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