Gov. Haley Barbour: Obamacare is going too far, too soon, too fast, and costing too much

Citizens, whether seniors or medical providers, have received little solid information as proposals have changed and major differences have emerged in House and Senate versions.

What we do know, however, is all plans contain large cuts (hundreds of billions of dollars) in Medicare spending and large tax increases (hundreds of billions of dollars more) that fall very heavily on small businesses.

No wonder people are concerned, and that concern is exacerbated by the Democratic leadership’s attempts to force passage of this complicated, life-changing legislation by artificial deadlines.

It took Obama six months to pick out a family dog. Cramming health care reform down the country’s throat in a fraction of that time scares people who have been told, accurately, the various bills contain a billion-dollar combination of tax increases and Medicare spending cuts.

During a deep recession, when most people believe job creation and economic growth should be top priorities, huge tax increases on small businesses, whether in the form of an additional eight percent payroll tax, or a $750 per employee fee, or a 5.4 percent income tax surcharge, make no sense. When the government makes it more expensive to employ people, employers will employ fewer people.

Govenror Haley Barbour
Washington Examiner Op-ed